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Introducing our latest Organic Formula: Löwenzahn Organics

Here at milktop, we are constantly researching new products that we think customers would not only love but would be beneficial to mother and baby health. This usually takes a tremendous amount of time because of the strict requirements we have for such products, which is why we are especially excited to introduce Löwenzahn Organics milk formula to our catalogue. 

Why we chose them

When searching for organic milk formulas for our own loved ones, it was difficult to find a brand that provided the transparency, sustainability and ethicality of ingredients sourcing that we were looking for. Löwenzahn Organics immediately stood out to use because of their traceable ingredient sources on each box, their commitment to ethical, sustainable farming without pesticides while not compromising on quality. As mothers themselves, the German formula brand owners believe that "Less is more. That’s why we simply leave anything unnecessary out of our products." and keep it as natural as possible. Their milk formula contains high-quality EU organic certified raw materials without compromise. 

Safety, testing and transparency

As mothers themselves, the Löwenzahn Organics team understand just how precious your child's health is. They conduct frequent analyses in their production facilities, including additional independent laboratory tests on their entire product range to detect any harmful substances such as mineral oils, pesticides and mycotoxins. As mentioned above, Löwenzahn Organics truly stands out as one of the only formula companies that offers complete transparency when it comes to their ingredients and supply chain. There is a transparency code on the packaging of each of their products. This code can be entered into the tracking tool on their website. It lets customers trace the origin of the raw materials used.

Three stages for optimal nutrition at every age

Löwenzahn Organics baby formula comes in three stages: One infant formula (pre) and two follow-on formulas (stages 2 & 3), each one an adjusted nutrition composition that ensures that your baby's diet is optimized for his/her growth at each stage. 

All stages contain

  • EU certified organic ingredients (NO pesticides & GMOs)
  • LCPs (DHA from algae oil & ARA)
  • Prebiotic GOS (galactooligosaccharides)
  • Palm oil from sustainable RSPO-certified agriculture (for 
  • Important vitamins and minerals in appropriate amounts




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